Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! I’m Adri Mendez and well, this is the start of my blog!

To tell you a little bit of what my blog’s going to be about, I’ll have to tell you a little bit of myself. So, I’m seventeen, I’m from Costa Rica and my family and I have lived in Cyprus (a Greek island) and now we are living in Kenya. You can go check the “About” tap for more on that!

I’m passionate about the arts; dancing, drawing, painting, designing, music, all of that! I actually want to become an architect one day. Plus, I’ve always loved writing. I used to keep a journal/diary, but that just became really boring for me. I have a lot of things in my mind to write about so I wanted to start this blog to share all my experiences of living abroad, adapting to a new culture and all that comes with being a teenage foreigner.

However, I don’t want the blog to just be about living in a different culture, but also a lifestyle blog too, I have a lot of ideas that I hope you’ll like with the time being, so stick around! My main goal with this blog is to communicate with other people that are going through similar things as I am, share my experiences and also learn from you guys.

Anyways, I’ve lived in Kenya for 7 months and I’ll probably stay here for another 2 years. My family and I haven’t really seen a lot of Kenya outside of its capital city Nairobi, but at least we’ve liked what we’ve been exposed to. Like the food, the African styled clothes, the national parks and museums. Even if we like our lifestyle here… the homesickness is REAL. Being away from our Latin food, culture, family, friends and school has hit my sisters and me pretty hard. But I’ll write about that in another post.

Hope you guys enjoy this first entry to my blog and I hope you keep coming back to read more.

Love, Adri.

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