Speaking a different Language

Personally, I’m really bad at learning languages, and this is due to the fact that my attention span is as big as a lady bug… I’m not kidding!

I grew up speaking Spanish to everyone, and when we moved to Cyprus, NO ONE SPOKE SPANISH. I was six years old and the only thing I knew how to say in English was: “Can I go to the bathroom?” I remember going home after school and crying my eyes out telling my mom how bad I felt not being able to communicate.

That lasted like 3 months, because when you are forced to learn a language, you do it. I had a really good 1st grade teacher from the USA and because of her I have an American accent when I talk instead of the weird Latino accent a lot of my friends & family have when speaking English.

So, English is like a second first language for me, if you understand what I mean. I speak it fluently and I write it even better than I write in Spanish. But apart from those two languages, I CAN’T learn another one.

As a kid you learn really quickly, and that was an advantage I had. But now, I can’t learn French or Italian even if they are similar to Spanish. Also, the environment you live in can really affect the way you learn a language, and because I’m not in a French or Italian speaking country, I don’t think I’ll learn them.

In Kenya, they speak a language called Swahili but everyone also speaks English, so I don’t feel that need or obligation to learn it. However, I know a few words like “Habari” (How are you) “Mzuri” (Good) “Asante” (thank you) and “Jambo” (Hello). Also, Swahili is only spoken in like 7 countries in the world and I don’t think I’ll ever need it in the future, I guess I just prefer not to learn it.

But anyways, that is my take on learning languages. If you have any stories concerning this topic, go ahead and leave them in the comments!

Love, Adri.



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