Ngong Hills

Today I got to go to a place called Ngong Hills in the outskirts of Nairobi. Its part of the Great Rift Valley that comes all the way from Ethiopia and it has SUCH AN AMAZING VIEW.

When I looked it up online it said that it was about 22 minutes from the city, but it isn’t. It’s more like an hour from Nairobi center, but the drive was worth it because the experience was really, really awesome.

When you get to the bottom of the natural reserve you start seeing a lot of wind mills scattered all around the hills. I personally hadn’t seen wind mills before so today I felt extremely small next to those things. I was also really scared that one of the blades would fall off and kill us all but it didn’t happen and I’m still alive!

We kept going by car until we reached a parking lot near the hiking trail. I guess you could hike all the way from the wind mills but my little sister wasn’t going to make it if we started walking that early haha

There were signs that said “Keep going at your own risk” or something like that and the park ranger would tell us that it was absolutely necessary that they went with us to keep us safe. However, a few friends of us warned us about that and told us that they only did that to get more money from us and that we were perfectly safe going on our own. So we went on out own and we climbed two of the hills.

The most amazing part of this is that on our left we could see the Nairobi city and the trees & vegetation were really green. And on our right there was a long valley with less vegetation and it looked more yellowish\brown. The pictures are better at explaining what I mean!

We walked for about an hour and then we stayed on the top of a hill just admiring the view and taking it all in. It was really, a beautiful moment. Walking back was easier and it seemed quicker too.

I absolutely recommend going to these hills if you are ever in Nairobi, they are easy to climb and have a beautiful scenery. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this small review on my trip to this place which I loved. Stay tuned for more posts like this is you liked it.

Love, Adri.


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