Trip to Nakuru

Friday the 5th of August, my family and I started an early morning road trip. We drove from Nairobi out to the Nakuru County and it took us a well 3 hours to get to our first destination which was a lodge\restaurant called Sunbird Lodge. It was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t have been happier with the place.

The lodge has an amazing view of the Elementaita Lake, and the nature around it is breathtaking. I got to take some great picture that I’ll be posting on my social media soon, so go follow me on there if you like. I extremely recommend this place and their food which was extremely delicious and it passed all my family’s taste test.

We really wanted to stay at this place but our plans were to go further into Nakuru to the Lake Nakuru National Park. We had reservations at a small hotel a kilometer away from the reserve. Honestly, the place was in such bad state that we left as quickly as possible and didn’t even check in. The pictures online of the place were amazing, but in real life it was a disappointment. We looked for another option and ended up at the Midland Hotel Nakuru which truly is a good hotel. The rooms are nice, the food is great and the people who work there are really, really friendly.

The next day at around 8:30 am the driver of our Safari minivan was at our hotel and we were ready to go explore Nakuru’s Park. It was essentially our first Safari as a family and we enjoyed it sooo much. We were there until 3 pm and didn’t have lunch until 4 pm but it was worth it.

Our minivan had a removable roof so we got to see flamingos, lions, buffalo, deer, antelopes, monkeys and giraffes all from the comfort of our car. There were view points and places you could get out of the car and enjoy the view and we took advantage of this because it’s prohibited to get out of your car at any other place, for safety reasons, and I think no one is going to get down knowing there are lions running around on their own right?

Honestly, it was a tiring trip because the park is really big, but the animals and the amazing views make it unforgettable. The pictures I’m sharing with you guys are just a little snippet of the wonders we saw on this trip. If you are ever in Kenya, instead of going to the National Park in Nairobi, go to this Nakuru Park, it’s so much better because the lake in the center of it makes it so much more interesting and the animals get nearer to you because of it.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, tell me what you think!

Love, Adri.


PS: All photos are taken by me or by my sisters either on my iPhone 6 or my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9!

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