Long Distance Friendships

When you move from country to country there are aspects in your life that other people won’t understand if they aren’t in your shoes. For me this is the aspect of friendship.

You get to a new place and you HAVE to start talking to somebody, luckily that somebody will have similar likes to you. But it’s not always like this. Something that has happened to me 3 times already is that I get to a new school and I start hanging out with a person or a group, and with a few days of hanging out with them I find out that we aren’t alike, that our mindsets are different and that we just don’t click, so I move on and find other friends. I believe there is no problem in that.

I’m a really chatty person so it’s easy for me to make friends fast and I usually get comfortable with people WAY too fast so I’ll be goofing around and telling people my life story in no-time. This is good at some extend ‘cause it helps me make friends around the world.

The bad thing about moving so much is that you can’t make “permanent friends”. I put those words in quotation marks because sometimes they do become permanent, but usually they don’t. Some people come into your life to stay and some people come in to your life just for a short period of time and that’s actually okay.

I have a longtime friend called Paula. We’ve been friends since Kindergarten. I left for Cyprus and I only called her once a year for her birthday, but every time I visited Costa Rica we would see each other. When I moved back we were still friends and technology had rolled around and it helped us maintain our friendship. I lived two hours away from her and we saw each other twice a year but every time we saw each other it felt like no time had passed. We love each other’s families and we see each other like sisters. But that’s the only friend I have from my childhood. The rest are just a beautiful memory.

In Cyprus I made a few good friends (and a few bad ones) and I might talk to them like 3 times a year but the childhood love is still there because these were the people that knew me when I was little.

I lived in a place called Cartago (in Costa Rica) for my last two years in the country, and there I made the best friends I’ve ever had. It was my first ever #SquadGoals. The girls and I became like sisters instantly and we made so many memories together in those two years. Now that I live in Kenya we still talk to each other and of course I miss them to death, but we’ve taken advantage of the Snapchat fire streaks and FaceTime and I feel like the last time I saw them was yesterday.

Currently, God gave me amazing friends here in Kenya, and I’ve gotten to share amazing moments with the girls I’m friends with. They’ve helped me through this huge change in my life and I don’t know where I would be without them. I can feel that we are gonna be friends for a very long time.

If you’ve read until know (waau 😀) I just want to say that the type of relationship with friends at long distance will change; you won’t see each other every day, you won’t make new memories together, you won’t tell each other everything like you used to, but the love will always remain.

Take advantage of the technology in your hands, don’t get disinterested in your friends’ life and just remember that if it’s meant to be, you’ll see each other again.

Love, Adri.

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