Pros of Living Abroad

Today I want to share 5 of the advantages about living abroad that I have experienced because even if being an expat isn’t as easy as it looks on TV, it’s still one of the biggest opportunities I could ever get in my life.

1. You get to travel the world.

First, you get the opportunity of going as many times as you like to cool places in your host country. And second, new and exciting places are so near to you that you can go and explore whenever you can! My family and I travel back home to Costa Rica every year and we try to take different routes each time so we can go to new countries, that’s how we’ve gotten to go to Holland, Spain, Italy, France and many more.

2. You don’t get attached to anything.

My childhood birthday cards? The picture I drew for my dad on Father’s Day when I was in kindergarten? The shirts that I bought in Orlando 5 years ago? They’re all gone! When packing, you try to take the least amount of things possible so you learn how to throw stuff away … It’s no big deal!

3.You become less shy.

When living abroad, you are put into positions where you have to talk to strangers. For example, when you’re at the mall and you don’t know where the food court is, if you have to go to the hospital and you have to ask directions to some random guy on the street, or simply by trying to make friends on the first day of school. If you’re shy, you won’t be for much longer if you move abroad.

4. Appreciating your own culture.

As a Costa Rican many people see me as “exotic” and “different” (I’m not an animal you know) and they see my culture as something worth travelling for. When I lived in Costa Rica I didn’t see it this way but now I do. Living abroad has shown me all the important thing about CR and the Latin culture that I didn’t see before, like…. In Costa Rica we don’t have an army, Latinos are extremely friendly compared to other cultures, and our music is amazing and reminds me of home.

5. You learn more about different cultures.

I knew nothing about Greek gods until I moved to Cyprus, I had no idea where Slovakia was until I made a friend from there. I was surprised when I was invited to one of the many celebrations Africans have for their weddings because in Costa Rica we only have one celebration!

This and many more things are what living abroad is about. Learning new words, understanding different languages, getting to know about religious beliefs from someone who has a totally different outlook on things.

These are a few advantages that I came up with on living abroad and I hope you guys enjoyed it, I’ll be posting the disadvantages that I have gone through while being an expat in a few days so stay tuned!

Love, Adri.


PS: The cover photo is my mom and I in Israel 8 years ago.

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