Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi

Yesterday I got the chance to visit the elephant orphanage here in Nairobi. It’s part of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust next to the Nairobi National park. My parents had already been there and said that it was beautiful, so my sisters, my mom and I drove down there to see some elephants.

The orphanage is opened to the public from 11-12 md and you should get there early or you won’t get a good spot. In that hour they bring groups of baby elephants and they tell you about the way they eat, the way they live, how they were found, how the elephants became orphans and they even tell you about the personalities of the elephants, all while they feed these wonderful creatures.

<I got some great pictures of the babies and some of them are below, others will be posted to my social media!>

Now, it was heart breaking listening to all the stories about the elephants’ lives. One had fallen down a well, another one had been born premature so its family left it all by itself because he wasn’t able to move as fast as them, some elephant’s families had been killed due to poaching and others had gotten lost and weren’t able to find their families again.

Elephants usually travel in groups, you rarely see an elephant walking by itself so it’s easy to spot when a baby elephant is an orphan. By what I understood, all these orphans where found in different conservatories around Kenya and taken to this place. Now they stay in a big enclosed space in the National Park and taken care of at the orphanage, and when they are old enough they are let off into the park.

The animals where beautiful and seeing them drink milk out of huge “baby” bottles was unforgettable, some of them loved getting wet, others loved rolling around in mud or throwing dirt on themselves or both! One of them got stuck in the mud and couldn’t come out and some bigger elephants went to help him out with their trunks, it was truly an act of kindness 😀

What I loved about this place is not just that the elephants are super “small” and cute and you get to touch them if they get close to you, but also because the orphanage brings awareness of poaching and wildlife rights and just makes you see how much these animals also suffer. Human beings aren’t the only ones with problems you know.

If you are ever in Nairobi I totally recommend going here. There is also a rhino orphanage but we didn’t get to go there. *sad* It’s an amazing experience and you get awesome photos for your blog haha

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped if you are coming to visit Kenya!

Love, Adri.

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