Being The New Kid

This week I’ve had a two day induction to the IB Diploma Program because school starts this Tuesday, and apart from it being tiring, it’s been quite fun. There are a lot of new people at school and that just reminds me of all the times I’ve had to move and be the “new girl” (I thank God that I don’t have to be one of the “new kids” anymore), this gave me an awesome idea for a post and I hope my experiences help you out.

I’ve always been a nervous person and every time that I’ve had to be the new girl in a different school it makes me think of all the things that can go wrong and not of the things that may go right.

For example:

Will I make friends? What if I don’t?

Will I find my classroom on time? What if I walk into another class?

Will I have someone to eat lunch with? What if I have to eat lunch alone?

What if they laugh at my accent? What if… what if… WHAT IF…

I know these might sound so superficial and awkward but that’s just who I am. A really good tip that my sister gave me for when I start thinking all of this is to put it all down on paper and write “what’s the worst that can happen?” for every situation. And it actually really, really helps because it makes you face your fear before it’s even there, so if it goes wrong you’ll be prepared and if it goes well, you’ll be surprised in a good way.

The best tip I can give you for when you enter a new school is to take packets of gum with you and share them with the people that sit next to you. I’ve done this and it works guys! Everyone loves gum and luckily you will sit next to someone that isn’t allergic to mint gum (like it happened to me) and you may become friends as the result of you sharing gum with that person.

Another awful thing that I always think about is, “What if I don’t find my class?” which has a pretty simple solution now that I think about it, just ask someone from the reception of the school. They won’t judge or be mean to you and you won’t go into the wrong class (like it has happened to me).

Apart from all of that, if people see you are new they will be interested in where you come from, what school you went to, why you moved schools and stuff like that, so don’t think that no one will even look at you. They will look at you, inspect you, investigate you, stalk you, and find out who you are even before the first bell rings (okay, maybe not that exaggerated but it can happen).

I’ve been the new kid by myself, I’ve been the new kid when other people were also new kids, I’ve been the new kid in every situation you could think of and a lot of things have happened to me while being “the new girl” so don’t worry, I’m a tall, loud, Latina that keeps nothing to herself and I still survived!

I’d love to hear what other people have gone through being the “new kid” so don’t be afraid to email me or something!

Love, Adri.

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