Latin-american Stereotypes

Sofía Vergara might be one of the most hilarious and sexiest Latinas on television and Eva Longoria might be known for portraying a feisty, desperate housewife for a long time, J-lo might be the queen of Latin Pop and because of the awful Mexican telenovelas everyone outside of Latinamerica might think all Latinos are like that, truth is we aren’t.

I’ve had the possibility to live in cultures outside of my own and I’ve seen how people portray us, what people think of us and what they relate us to. Here is a Costa Rican insight of how the world portrays Latinos…


  1. We all know how to dance “salsa” really well.

Let’s start by explaining that there are more types of Latin music outside of salsa, like cumbia, bachata and vallenato. But SOMEHOW people think that all Latin music is classified as salsa!

Now, not all of us dance. Personally, I love dancing but I’m not good at it. A few days ago a classmate of mine told me he wanted to dance salsa with me for our school’s Cultural Day because he just assumed that I knew how to dance even if I don’t. Either way, I said yes and we’ve started rehearsing because why wouldn’t I want to portray my culture like that! (Even if I might make a fool of myself)


  1. We want attention and love partying.

I am very loud and sometimes obnoxious, I admit that, it’s part of who I am, but I’m not loud for “attention” and not all of us love drinking, partying and flirting. Of course, there are people that do want attention and love partying but not ALL of us are like that, and even so I believe there are people like that in every culture so why do we get to be stereotyped like that?


  1. We all have an accent when speaking English

There are a lot of people who do, I’m not gonna lie. My mom is one of them. Accents are part of speaking a foreign language. However, there are a lot of us who don’t have an accent. I learned English from a small age and from an American teacher so my accent can be considered “American” or “International”. Someone once asked me if I was so ashamed of my culture that I didn’t “use” my Latino accent. I DON’T HAVE ONE. I don’t even know how to do a “latino” accent when speaking English.


  1. Every Latino is Mexican

This is the most common mistake people do. When I arrived in Kenya, someone asked me if I was Mexican, when I told them that I am Costa Rican they asked me if that was in Mexico. I almost slapped him in the face. Once someone came up to a latino friend of mine on the 5th of May and said “HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO” to her and she didn’t even know what ‘Cinco de Mayo’ celebrates BECAUSE WE ARE ALL NOT MEXICAN. There are 19 other Latino countries that are NOT Mexico.

These are a few of the stereotypes that I’ve seen people think about us. Hope it made you laugh a little and that you enjoyed it!




I got inspiration from my own experiences and some from

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