What Moving to Kenya is Really Like

When you move to a new country how fast you adapt and how fast you feel at home will depend on where you come from, what country you are moving to, what type of people you find there and how much you like the new culture (or not like it).

When my parents told me that we might move to Africa I started thinking how my life would be when I moved here. Safaris… Lions… Living in a hut… not knowing the language… It’s a desert… there will be no malls… All of that were thoughts I had about a year ago. And boy oh boy was I wrong! 😀

Of course I knew I wasn’t going to live in a hut and that my neighbors where going to be a couple of jaguars with three adoptive giraffes, but you never know! When I got out of the airport and we were waiting for the cab to pick us up I admired the greenery of the place and the actual cars that were on the road (I was sad I didn’t see any elephants walking down the street though) and I just said: “Let the adventures begin” and they did.

The majority of people in Kenya have English as a first language and even if communicating with them might be hard sometimes, it’s not impossible so I don’t feel obliged to learn Swahili because I won’t need it here or anywhere else that I travel to. Plus, I’m really bad at learning languages so I’ll just stick to saying “Habari!” to anyone I see on the streets.

Now, let me be real. When I say: “I’m going out with my friends” I have pretty limited options and as a person that doesn’t drink, those options get even more limited. There are just a few places that are at a reasonable distance and that are “cool” enough to go to. One of the hardest parts that my sisters and I have resented a lot is that there are no real stores to buy clothes at. No Zara, no H&M, no Forever 21 and my closet is hurting because it’s not getting its normal dose of new clothes. There is just one store called Mr. Price that had pretty good clothes, but from then on, I don’t get to go shopping anywhere. However, I thought I wasn’t going to find any malls or cinemas or anything like that here, but I did and that was joy to my heart and there are many good restaurants that are still waiting for me to try.

The people of Kenya are really, really kind and “security” issues aren’t as big of a problem as we thought. I didn’t get to live in a hut *sad*, instead I got to live in a pretty awesome house, bigger than the one back in Costa Rica and the nature here is ridiculously amazing. I feel like there is no place in Nairobi that isn’t covered by green 😀

I know this post has a little more humor to it, I hope you enjoyed it… If you have read this because you are moving to Kenya, I’m telling you, you’ll love it all the international people that I’ve met have always said amazing things about this country and I am here to tell you that moving here is an amazing experience! Have a great day everyone…

Love, Adri

One thought on “What Moving to Kenya is Really Like

  1. Lol…Most foreigners have a skewed perception of what Africa really is but really get surprised when they get here!sorry for the clothes but you need to do more moving around because their are some pretty awesome malls around like The Hub Karen,Garden City and the Two Rivers Mall where you can get some world class fashion clothing otherwise Karibu sana Nyumbani!ooops that means welcome home!


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