I’m Back & in Bangkok!

Hello readers from the world! I cannot believe I haven’t written anything on my blog since September… I’m not gonna excuse myself but I am gonna say that being in year 12 starting the IB program has made my life a little hectic.



I am on Christmas break right now and I came to BANGKOK! I’m really excited to be here for a few reasons…

  1. I’ve never been to Asia before
  2. I love Asian architecture
  3. Bangkok is a really good place to shop
  4. My family and I needed a break from Africa tbh
  5. I get to relax and not stress about school
  6. I love flying and travelling in general
  7. We hadn’t traveled in a year
  8. ASIAN FOOD! (do I need to go any further?)

I am thinking about doing a whole section about my time in Thailand because I’ve been here only a week and there is SO MUCH FOR ME TO SAY! (and I’m gonna be here for a another week which is even more amazing). I’ll be talking about shopping in Bangkok, attractions in Bangkok, eating in Bangkok, ALL ABOUT BANGKOK as a tourist (mostly because we are just staying in Bangkok for the entire time so I’ll be a pro by the end)

And I’ll also post amazing photo blogs too because I have taken some AMAZING Bangkok photos… partly because I’m good at photography, mostly because I got a new camera & because Bangkok is an awesome city.

I am going to stop saying Bangkok now and I’m going to leave you waiting for my next post… (which I bet will be uploaded in a few minutes xD)

See you guys,


PS: I’m posting amazing pictures from this trip to my instagram so go over and follow me self promo, no shame @adri_mendezm

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