Why we chose Bangkok

If you read my last post you might know that I am visiting Bangkok right now and that it’s my first time being in Asia.

Since October we’ve been planning to leave Kenya for the holidays but we weren’t sure where to go.

As a family we love going out for Christmas break to spend it in different ways. We’ve spend Christmas and New Years in Israel, Jordan, Orlando Florida, Cyprus, Costa Rica, at the beach, in the mountains, and now we can add Thailand.

We planned to go back to Costa Rica for the holidays, then it moved to going to Israel and Cyprus, then Istanbul, then many other countries in between and finally Bangkok.

We decided not to go back home because it would have been only for two weeks and that is a very short time to go visit our entire group of friends and family and go get checked up by our trusted doctors. Then we thought about going to Israel again because we loved our first time there so much.We thought about Istanbul for a while because we had to do A LOT of shopping and we know Turkey is good for that, but because of recent terrorist attacks we didn’t go. And finally we decided to come to Bangkok and here is why…

  • We wanted to experience a totally new culture and Asia was just that.
  • Bangkok is known for it’s very cheap prices on clothing
  • We were recommended to come here by a lot of people
  • It’s a big, busy city with moderate crime rate and very good transportation
  • We really wanted a change
  • Dad had already been here and said it was an amazing place

And coming to Bangkok was the best decision we have made.

Shopping is good, transportation is amazing, people are nice, touristic attractions are awesome, we’re staying at a really well located hotel and we just LOVE the culture.

If you are ever wanting a new and exciting travel experience where you get to feel free and in control and you haven’t been here yet, I highly recommend.

Next up on my blog is Shopping in Thailand so come back soon!

Love, Adri


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