Shopping in Bangkok

Today I’m gonna tell you about the best places to shop and spend your money in Bangkok!

We each had a certain amount of money to spend here in Bangkok on clothes and necessities that we can’t buy (or that are too expensive) in Kenya. By the third day I had no money left. That’s how awesome Bangkok is for shopping.

THE NUMBER ONE PLACE YOU HAVE TO GO is called Platinum Mall. Do not go anywhere else before you go here! Platinum is a two building mall with so many floors and shops, you won’t be able to finish shopping even after 3 days. It’s totally a different experience compared to shopping in other countries in typical malls and outlets. Shops are tiny and you can’t try anything on, so you have to know your sizes and measurements before hand.

Everything in Platinum is SO CHEAP and if the seller lets you bargain them down, you get even better deals. A pro tip is to buy as much as possible in one store, so you can bargain them down because you are taking more than one item.

I went to Platinum with my sister and parents. We would all go into one shop, see what we liked and say “We take 5, you make discount” people don’t speak that much English so keep it as simple as possible…  And if there is no “No discount” sign in the shop, you might just save yourself a few Bahts.

I recommend going here before anywhere else because this way you can buy what you need (and more) at lower prices and have an idea of how much more money you are spending on clothes in other malls. For example, I bought a black jacket in Platinum for 400 Baht (11 dollars) and there was a similar one in Forever 21 for 1500 baht (42 dollars). So it is worth it.

MOVING ON… My second option to go shopping in is Asiatique. This place is the cutest most prettiest shopping place you will ever go to. It’s the night market of Bangkok right on the riverfront of Chao Phraya. Just take the free boat ride from the Sathorn pier and it will take you to and back from Asiatique. You can not only shop here but there are so many amazing restaurants and activities you can do and visit.

My family and I loved Asiatique so much that we have gone there 4 times and even spend New Years Eve there waiting for the fireworks (that were never done, more on that on another post). We usually go there to have dinner when we get tired of eating from the McDonalds and PizzaHut near our hotel. I like to dress up and be a bit more fancy even if you don’t have to.

If you want to know more about us spending New Years Eve here, you should totally follow my blog and get notified when I post a new one!

My last and final recommendations are Central World and Siam Paragon. These two malls are right next to each other and are connected by a SkyWalk leading to the SkyTrain. Here you will find all types of international brands like H&M, GAP, Forever XXI, Pull&Bear, Victoria’s Secret and more. If you have all of these stores in your countries then I would recommend going and checking the prices back home, to see if it any good buying from these stores here in Bangkok because the prices were pretty normal and the sales were not that high. Even so, it might be cheaper here than in other places because a lot of stores make there clothes here in Thailand.

For someone like me who lives in Kenya and doesn’t have any of these stores, this was HEAVEN. My family and I went CRAZY in stores like Stradivarius and H&M. Also the malls in general are amazing and have a lot of nice facilities which you can enjoy without spending a lot of money. We even went to watch Passengers (please watch this movie, it’s amazing) and then went hunting for a gift to get my dad’s coworkers.

We did go to more places to shop and there are so many places that we didn’t go to, but these are the places we most liked and that are the most affordable you can say.

If you are planning to come to Bangkok to do some shopping, I hope this has helped you. If you aren’t coming to Bangkok but you read till this part, I thank you!

Have a great day everyone,





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