Days 1-5 in Bangkok

I wanted to make a post sharing with you what we were up to the first half of this trip, so here it goes!

We left Kenya on Wednesday 21st of December and arrived here late on Thursday night.

My sister got very sick so we spend the whole morning of Friday in the hospital. What a nice way to start a trip huh. After the hospital we went to Platinum Mall and spend the whole afternoon going crazy. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START! I talked about Platinum in one of my last posts on Shopping in Bangkok here.

Saturday the 24th.

Christmas Eve. We went shopping in the morning to this Fashion Outlet near our hotel (it’s not in my {Shopping} post cause it was too expensive). At night we went for the first time to one of our favorite places in Bangkok…. Asiatique! We had an Italian dinner at one of the restaurants and walked (and shopped) around. It was also the first time we were going to get on a boat ride here in Bangkok which was nothing extraordinary but really fun.

Sunday the 25th!

The last Sunday of the year! Christmas Day. I loved this Christmas, mostly because I got to spend the day shopping in Central World and Siam Paragon (Also in my Shopping in Bangkok post) We hadn’t been in Forever XXI and in H&M for SOOOOO long so you can imagine how excited I was, surrounded by all of these amazing shops.

It was also our first time on the Sky Train here and we felt really lost 😀 but now the Sky Train is easier for me to use than me telling you where I come from. Literally

After that we went to get Christmas massages! There’s this little massage parlor near our hotel and we took advantage of it! We all went and my parents and I got full body massages while my sisters only had foot and head massages. I’m telling you, I have never had a full body massage done… it was weird but awesome!

Monday the 26th!

Now, one of our main priorities when coming to Bangkok (after shopping of course) was getting checked up by doctors, mostly because we don’t trust Kenyan doctors. We’ve had very bad situations with them and people really recommended the doctors here in Bangkok. So on Monday we had a relaxing day by the pool and then we went to the BNH hospital near by. Personally I just had to get my knees checked up.

We also had dinner at this place called The Coffee Club which was amazing, I’m writing a post about Where to Eat in Thailand and this is included so follow me to get notified about that!

Tuesday the 27th!

We had really high expectations for this day. had. We had been told that China Town was a really good place to visit in the evening but even during the day aswell. So we decided to get up early and go.

Please don’t go to China Town during the day. It might be a totally different story if we had gone in the night, but in the day it’s just a busy street with small shops selling you stuff you don’t really need. I got some nice pictures there but it’s not like we enjoyed it to the max.

We took a tuk tuk and went to the MBK mall for lunch AND LET ME TELL YOU that the food court there is TO THE NEXT LEVEL. It has so many different restaurants from around the world! It’s not like any other food court I’ve ever been to. More about this later on.

In the night we headed over to Asiatique again because

  1. We really liked it.
  2. It had restaurants that we all liked
  3. My little sister hadn’t gone with us the first time

So we had to show her the amazingness of Asiatique and I also wanted to take pictures there. Which are lit may I add. (photo post coming uuup)

That’s a little bit of my experience of my first 5 days in Bangkok! Hope you liked it.

Love, Adri

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