The Grand Palace Ordeal

I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THE SADDEST STORY THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME IN MY TRAVELLING LIFE apart from getting our passports and computers robbed in Italy.


I hadn’t charged my camera’s battery from the day before because, well, i was lazy and tired from visiting a floating market. So I decided to charge it in the morning because I knew we were going to go to the Grand Palace in the afternoon.

We start getting ready and we went off to the Grand Palace. When I take my camera out to take a picture of my parents. THE BATTERY WASN’T FREAKING THERE. I HAD LEFT IT CHARGING IN THE HOTEL

I LITERALLY CRIED tears were falling down my eyes THOSE AMAZING PHOTOS I COULD HAVE TAKEN FLASHING BEFORE MY EYES and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Thankfully my phone takes pretty good pictures and I got some awesome shots. BUT THEY COULD’VE BEEN BETTER.

Apart from not taking my battery to one of the most beautiful places in Bangkok… the place was so breathtaking and exciting. It was filled with Thai culture and architecture. I fell in love with more than one building.

If you go to Bangkok and not go to the Grand Palace..

Did you even go to Bangkok?

There was a museum dedicated for the late Rama IX that told all about his life as king of Bangkok. There were people from all over the world visiting this place and the feeling that you get when you visit a place this extraordinary, it’s indescribable.

The Palace itself is quite small so we went through it in less than an hour and a half but there are more things to do after visiting here.

It was an awesome experience,  even with the sadness of not being able to use my camera.

I leave you with some pictures that I humbly took with my phone. (more of these on my instagram)

Love, Adri

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