Back to the Grind

After relaxing in a foreign country and visiting new places, life has hit me like a truck.


I went back to school and it had been so tiring I can’t handle waking up at 6 am anymore. I’m an IB student who has so much work to do that I don’t even know where to start. IB is hell the International Baccalaureate program which is an equivalent to A levels somewhat  and it’s really prestigious around the world.

IB is a two year course, and I’m in term 2 of the first one. They told us IB was hard. But I didn’t know what they meant until now. I don’t even want to imagine what it will be like next year, because it will be harder.

First week back and I already had an extended essay to think about, CAS reflection to make, TOK essays to write and homework due for the next week *plus a lot more.

Second week: add homework, deadlines, tests and more.

I have been so tired I barely get appetite to eat. But it’s all worth it. The only thing getting me motivated is that next year I will be independent and making my architecture dreams come true.


Being part of the DWAP dance group has made me so happy but the sad thing is, I don’t get time to go to rehearsals because of… you know it… IB!!

I’m really motivated to keep writing here on my blog and make it more personal (just like with this post) and I’ve been using Pinterest a lot to get connected to other people and bloggers, which makes me really happy as well.

I wanted to make this small blog updating everyone about my life, hope you enjoyed it!

I hope everyone is having an awesome January! Stay amazing.

Love, Adri


I leave you with this image that i found on






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