Where to Eat in Bangkok

One of the problems with travelling as a family is that not everyone eats the same types of food.

In my case, my parents and I eat pretty much everything but my sisters are more picky than us. But, to be honest with you, as a whole we are not full fans of Thai food, there are a few things here and there that we do like, but not all. I guess we are too Latino/Western to appreciate all this goodness.

However, we did go eating to quite a few places and today I’ll tell you all about them


Cloud 47

I’ll do a whole post about this place because it’s AMAZING but it’s on the top of my list not because of affordable prices (a bottle of wine was $30) but because of the view. While my parents and I were enjoying our Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice (top faves to be honest) and our hot Roasted Spicy Cashews with our amazing drinks, we got to have the most amazing view of Bangkok we could get. Cloud 47 is not like the other rooftop bars that are super expensive and formal, this one is a more casual and family oriented rooftop bar. The food is great and the view is even greater!

*Taken by me

The Coffee Club

The food in this little coffee shop is one of the best I have tasted. It’s hidden away on one of the streets between Silom and Sathorn diagonal to the BNH hospital. We discovered it because we visited the hospital quite frequently (more on that later). Literally just take a taxi and tell the driver to take you to the hospital. (there are more shops in other parts of the city  as well)

The first time we went, we had dinner there. My sister got nachos and the rest of us got hamburgers. OH WHAT A HOLY HAMBURGER THAT WAS. And let me say that the drinks were OUT OF THIS WORLD. I got a Chicken Burger with a Raspberry Shaken Tea and it was heaven to my taste buds.

On the 1st of January, my family and I needed a change from the same hotel breakfast we had had for a week and half straight so we decided to go to the Coffee Club and get breakfast there.

If you go for breakfast PLEASE GET THE COCONUT PANCAKES AND SEND ME SOME!!!! They are amazing, amazing, amazing, you have no idea. The hot chocolate, the brownies, the omelets, all of these are amazing. You cannot leave Bangkok without trying this restaurant.

Apart from “Western” food there is also a Thai side of the menu and my sister said that the Chicken in the Thai style was DE-LI-CIOUS.

*Pictures are from the Coffee Club website cause I forgot to take pictures of the food when we went there 


I have talked about the Asiatique Riverfront Market before in my “Shopping in Bangkok” post, but the food is really good here as well!

We went to a few different restaurants but I sadly don’t remember their names (I only remember The Pizza Company restaurant we went to for New Year’s Eve). There is a place for every taste bud, I swear. Whether you want a more street food kind of vibe, there are stalls around where you can buy food from. There are restaurants with a more “Benigans” vibe. Italian food, Thai food, Chinese food, there are literally so many restaurant there, you just gotta look for them. Don’t stick with the ones that are right next to the pier, those are really expensive. Venture out into the market and find something that works for you (and your budget).

*Taken by me

Beirut Restaurant Lebanese Food

On our last night in Bangkok we were walking down the Silom Avenue looking for a Subway to have dinner in, but while we were walking my dad saw this sign that said “Beirut Restaurant Lebanese Food”  AND WE WENT CRAZY.

My entire family LOOOOVES Lebanese food with A PASSION. Just common, look at those pictures!!!! Okay, I’m getting too out of hand here…

Back to the point. The food here was amazing and the service was really good as well. There is so many options to choose from, and as you can see, we took advantage of that.

We were so sad that we found this restaurant until the last day, because if we had found it sooner, we would have gone there a lot more times. Its close to the Chong Nonsi train station so look out for it!

100% recommended

*Taken by me

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about where to eat in Bangkok. If you are planning to go to Bangkok and decide to go to any of these, tell me what you think!

Love, Adri



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