I Didn’t Wear Makeup for A WEEK & This is What Happened

I’m the type of girl who wears makeup 9 times a week. I would always do a very minimal makeup look for school and a more drastic look on the weekends if required. I started seeing how my skin was getting dryer and I started having more breakouts than usual. I watched a video a few weeks ago that talked about the benefits of not using makeup and I said to myself:

“I am SO going without makeup for a while”

But I never did. I was too attached to how makeup made me look and feel.

This week though, as the “great” risk taker that I am not I said to my self “I’m not wearing makeup AT ALL” which I will tell  you about today.

I know these are not the types of things I write about on my blog but lets give it a shot…

At the beginning I was afraid of many things but I was excited to see how my skin felt after a week of not putting any makeup on it.



So when I was getting ready for school, I decided I would start this challenge that day. I asked myself “what is the worst that can happen? People look at me weirdly? Ask if I’m sick? Who actually cares?” I do, I care too much

I was scared of what people might say or how they would react, but now I see that I didn’t have to be nervous about that.

I used Olay’s foaming cleanser to wash my face that morning and used sunblock and I was out the door. IT WAS THE QUICKEST I HAVE EVER GOTTEN READY FOR SCHOOL.

I got to school and not even my best friends noticed I wasn’t wearing makeup. I said to myself “is it because even with makeup I still look bad?” (I’ll give you the answer to this later on)

I saw my boyfriend that day and I thought he would say something about my face, which he didn’t. He really didn’t care to be honest.

Apart from being scared of what people would say I felt so good of being free of products on my face! I could touch my face without thinking about my foundation coming off, I could “scratch” my eyes without thinking about my eyeliner smudging,




After day one it all became much easier. I would take so little time getting ready, I would feel so good about myself at school without makeup up. I wasn’t as insecure as I thought I would be.

Throughout the week I mostly only used two products, Olay’s Foaming Cleanser and Cetaphil’s Gently Skin Cleanser, alternating them each day. BOTH WORK WONDERS. I also used and SPF 50 cause I live in Africa you know…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

During the week no one said anything about my face. If people thought something about this I guess they just didn’t mention it. My friends just told me that I looked okay without makeup which I still deny and that I shouldn’t have to wear so much makeup to school it’s not that much though.

Through out the week I saw how my skin got so much clearer and moisturized. I loved the feeling of having no worries in the world. I really didn’t care what people thought about me and I think that it made more  confident than I already was.

I went to football practice on Thursday and I was so happy that the sweat on my face didn’t have makeup to smudge or eyeliner to mess up.

One of the perks to this, I didn’t have to go through the trouble of taking my makeup of at night! #BLESS



Now that it’s Friday I am so grateful that I did this.

It made me happy with who I am, it made me happy to have the dark circles under my eyes and my spots on my forehead. It made my skin feel so clean and perfect. It made me a more happier person.

This doesn’t mean I won’t wear makeup anymore, cause imma go put on some makeup right now to go out im not kidding but I will definitely do this more often, maybe stop wearing to school all together or maybe not.

At the beginning I asked myself if people didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing makeup because I looked bad even with the makeup. But the answer is NO. People didn’t notice (or didn’t say anything) because the only person thinking that makeup is necessary is me. Everyone else has to deal with the person you are inside and out.

So I challenge you to do this. Give your skin a break from makeup and learn to love yourself more. Learn to appreciate what you’ve got even if you don’t think it’s the best (because it actually is the best).


I hope this motivates you as much as it motivated me!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,



*This post is not sponsored in any way or form.



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