The Dad Series: INTRO

Hey everyone,

Today I want to introduce a new series here on Out of Costa Rica called The Dad Series.

This series will consist of interviews and photo blogs about my dad’s travels. Dad works for an NGO and get to travel to different offices. While he does that he also gets to explore the cities he goes to.

Dad has traveled to almost  70 different countries (and counting) around the world and we thought it would be a great and new idea to bring in his perspectives of travels to Out of Costa Rica. We would love your feedback and if you have any questions for him you can totally leave them in the comments below.

Our first official post on this series is about his recent visit to Dubai which you can find here.

A few things about my dad:

  • His name is Jose.
  • He is Costa Rican as well.
  • He has a magnet collection of the places he has gone to.
  • He is a lover of coffee and has an awesome Starbucks cup collection of also the places he has gone to more on that later
  • He has three beautiful daughters me included of course and he loves my mom so much that they are my literal #GOALS
  • His favorite country is the Czech Republic since Prague is like a huge museum all on its own.
  • His favorite food is Lebanese food.


Hope you guys enjoy this new series and the more to come!


Here’s a picture of our family at my graduation last year. Just so you know how cute we all are jk



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