Types of Expats

Living in different parts of the world gives you a greater look on life… and on people!

I’ve been an expat a couple of times in my life and I’ve encountered different types of people who live outside of their own culture, so today lets take a look at a 5  types of expats!


The First Timer

First time expats are like lost puppies in a huge city, but in this case they are lost in a whole new country. First time expats try to be safe with what they eat, where they buy and who they talk to. They follow the crowd and don’t venture out too much in fear of getting stuck in a mess. They search on pinterest for tips and tricks to making life as an expat easier, but we all know that all of those blog posts about becoming a first time expat aren’t going to prepare you for the real deal.



The Experienced

This type of expats are the people who have traveled around the world, who have lived in various countries before, they know what they are doing, they don’t give in to scams, they know where and how to search for the best prices and deals and their life is a lot less stressful than a first timers.

In our case, we don’t buy all of our groceries from the main Kenyan supermarket “Nakumatt”, we get the basic things from local supermarkets that have the same things but for a smaller price than that big Nakumatt chain. We know how to bargain with the Masai Mara souvenir sellers because we have an idea of how much we should pay for each piece!



The Proud One

These expats can be seen as loyal or as obnoxious, you decide. These people CAN NOT STOP TALKING about how great their country is.

Yes, being proud of your culture and heritage is NOT a bad thing. Personally I am so honored to be Latina and I LOVE talking about my culture and sharing about our customs, but when someone CAN’T STOP TALKING about how they’re food is the best food and their traditions are the best traditions and that person doesn’t have space in their brain to accept other people’s culture… then it becomes a problem.

Usually these people talk slack about the country they live in, they resent leaving their country and are always comparing their host country to their home one. I believe that if you are living in a new place you should take advantage of that and dive into their culture, not insult it.

PS: still be proud of your country, just don’t be arrogant about it.



The Sad Expat


To be honest, I have been this expat a few times a lot of times everyday of my life (jk) and it’s totally understandable to be sad about leaving your beloved country and have to adapt to a new one because it’s a hard process.

These expats go hand in hand with #1 on this list because when it’s your first time leaving, it hurts SO MUCH. But even now that I’ve lived outside of my country for 7-8 years of my life I still get home sick and I still miss my Costa Rican food, music, customs and all of that. So lets have a moment of silence for that.

MOMENT IS OVER lets keep going…



The Adventurous

The last type of expat that we’ll be covering today it that type of person that goes out of their way to see as much as they can of their new country. I know people who take a trip every single weekend to a different part of Kenya because they really want to experience the culture.

(I’m not saying that we don’t want to experience Kenya’s tribes and culture but we are too busy to take trips every weekend) that is why I admire these Adventurous expats, they really take living in a new country to the next level.


That is all I have for you guys today! Are you an expat? If so, what type of expat are you?

Have a great week everyone. Love,




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