January – March 2017

My last blog post was two months ago. TWO! And I haven’t logged on to my Pinterest account for the same amount of time.

When I was in Bangkok (in December) I was so motivated to keep writing this year and bring my Pinterest followers up (I did get it up to 2 thousand followers btw) and when I came back home I had so many ideas to do but no time at all.

In January I started Term 2 of my first year in the IB program and it has been HECTIC. I’m glad time flew past and now I don’t feel like I endured 3 months of pure IB pain. But I did. Apart from tests and homework, we had projects and essays to do. And because I’m an art student I also have process portfolios to make and sculptures to build.

I actually worked on a project that really made my heart pound. I project I am really proud of. It’s called “The Door To Reality” and it was an unconventional way to portray the way that social media has made us think that we should care more about the superficial aspects of life than the real problems going on in the world.

Here is my final art project for this term:


Apart from school, I’ve been working very closely with my church’s dance team DWAP. They have really become like my family to me  since I joined them in October 2016 and I enjoy every moment that I get to dance with them.

Recently we did an amazing medley with the church’s choir in which I got to have a couple of solos and a duet with a dear friend of mine Nungo. We are getting to do this presentation AGAIN tomorrow and I’m really excited.

Here are a few pictures from then:

I’m also working on very interesting projects that I will soon bring to you guys. And a lot more blog posts are coming your way, so stay tuned!



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