Nakuru City, Kenya

Hi everyone! I have just arrived from an amazing trip to the city of Nakuru. My family and I spend 3 days at this awesome city and today I want to share with you our experience.

Nakuru is at a 3 hour drive from Nairobi (with little traffic that is) and is home to one of the best National Parks in the country, the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru!


This is our second time coming to this city and going to a Safari here because we have come to love this city a lot. The first time we came was about a year ago and we stayed at a hotel called Midland in the heart of the city, it was a great place to stay, with good food and awesome rooms. Totally recommend.

This time we didn’t stay at a hotel, we were hosted by an amazing family, who are friend of ours, who took the 5 of us (my parents, my sisters and I) and made us feel at home.

We left our house in Nairobi at around 10 am on a Friday and we stopped at a place called Sunbird Lodge for lunch. Sunbird is an hour away from Nakuru, in a place called Gilgil and if you are looking for great food with a great view, go to Sunbird. Their cabins are also amazing and they are so calm (This is no ad, I just really like the place). That afternoon we arrived in Nakuru and had dinner with the amazing family that hosted us.

On Saturday morning at 5:30 my alarm rang and I had to wake up and get ready for a loooong day. We had breakfast, got ready and left for an awesome Safari day. We saw rhinos for the first time and a lot of other animals we had seen before but never cease to amaze us. I will be posting a photo blog on this Safari soon, so stay tuned. After a loooong morning of Safari we went to have lunch at none other than KFC. Not my favorite but what can you do.

After meeting up with our host family and going home to freshen up we went to dinner to a placed called Hotel Cathay. Great food, good prices, even live music. If you are ever in Nakuru, you should go here. I recommend the amazing tasting steak

Pool next to the restaurant.

Sunday was Resurrection Sunday for us Christians and we spend it at a local church where my big sister and I got the chance to do a singing and dancing presentation (respectively cuz I don’t sing at all). We were there all morning and even had lunch there with the pastors. We had to come back to Nairobi that evening but before, we went to Java House to have some coffee with out host family. We said our goodbyes and we embarked on our 3 hour journey back home. (Tip: don’t drink a cappuccino right before you are going to do a 3 hour drive, you’ll be howling for a bathroom by the first 30 mins)

We got back home safely and with amazing memories we will never forget. I cannot begin to express how awesome this weekend was in every aspect. Our host family was awesome, the Safari was awesome, the food was awesome. Nakuru is awesome!

I’m really glad I got to spend some time over there. Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my trip to Nakuru!





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