Safari Essentials

Going for a Safari adventure can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. I’ve been “Safarying” a few times now and each time I go I think of new things that I should have brought with me. Today I went to my third trip and it went extremely well, except that my family and I forgot a few things that have totally made it into today’s essential list. I’ll be sharing with you my top essentials for the best Safari trip you can have! Here we go…



My family and I have these really good expensive and useful binoculars that have come in handy the times we have been on Safaris but this time we left them in our car instead of taking them with us on the safari car. It didn’t make our trip worse but it could have made seeing far away animals easier. Not all animals are found on the side of the road so having binoculars with you will help you see those that you can’t get to.


The best time to go on a game drive is the early morning and because of that the temperatures are not the hottest and it’s quite chilly. This morning we started our drive at around 7:30 am and the mix of the chilly weather and the great amounts of wind flowing into our vehicle made us shiver like crazy. And guess who didn’t bring a sweater with them!!! None of my family did tbh So I would recommend you take a sweater or windbreaker with you on your next Safari trip.


When you’ve been driving for 4 hours looking at deer and zebras running around, it makes you quite hungry. And if you’re like me, you will get dehydrated quickly. Take some light snacks and fruits with you and even if you don’t want to stop at the picnic sites you can eat it in your car while seeing some buffalo eat grass. My family and I do usually take quite a lot of food tbh. Just please don’t feed the animals.


Even if you don’t have little kids traveling with you buying some wet wipes will help you in so many ways. While you are on a Safari drive all the dust will come into your car and you will find yourself dirty like never before. I don’t know about you but I don’t like feeling dirty all the time, so wet wipes will come in handy when you need to clean your hands or even your face. I even used wet wipes to clean of some of the dust from my bag. It was a black bag and now it looks brown who cares that it was my school bag anyways


I bet you already thought of taking sunglasses to your safari trip (if you hadn’t… you’re welcome) but eye drops are a very important thing that I saw a need of in my first safari trip. In whatever type of car you are doing your game drive in you will get a lot of wind and dust in your face. The sunglasses will shield your eyes from the dust and sun and the eye drops will make your eyes hydrated since your eyes will be receiving so much wind onto them. If you wear contact lenses you know the struggle of dried eyes. If you don’t know that struggle then trust me, you’ll need eye drops.

Some extra ones…

6. Sunscreen
7. Camera
8. Hand Sanitizer
9. Charging power bank

Those are my top 5+4 essentials for the best safari trip ever! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and found it useful.

Do you have any safari essentials of your own? Write them down below!

Have a great day/night everyone. Love,

Adri M.

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