Why Move Abroad?

There are so many benefits of taking all your belongings and moving to a new country. As a teenage expat I’ve gotten to see these benefits work in my life day by day, so here is a run down of why you should move abroad!

Learn about other cultures

As a Costa Rican I’m very proud of my culture, of our food, our language, all of it. But when I started traveling and living in new cultures I became interested in learning more about them.

How do you say hello in Greek? How influential are the Greek gods for the people? Which are the best landmarks to see in Cyprus? What do they stand for?

How many tribes does Kenya have? What are their main differences? What are the best Kenyan dishes? Why is there such a huge population of Indians in Nairobi?

All of that (and more) are things I’ve learned while living abroad and as a human, I like feeling smart 😀 then I meet people who know a lot more than me and it makes me feel dumb


New opportunities. Enhances your CV

The Telegraph  UK states that living abroad can give you a competitive edge in a tough job market, it can help you get into better universities and get better jobs.

As I am a junior in high school my focus goes into getting into a good university & by the fact that I am an international student, it already gives me a heads up. Schools usually prefer to have more international students so they can be “diverse” and I obviously use that for my advantage.

If you are past the university stage then getting holiday jobs or even normal jobs can help open doors in the work place for you because being able to adapt to changes, work with different people, and speak different languages is something companies really like.

If you are looking for an excuse to move abroad, a job is the perfect excuse ! Check out Search Jobs Abroad by going on their website to put yourself out on the market and to search for new opportunities for you life 🙂

Click here! : https://www.searchjobsabroad.com/


All the stories you will be able to tell

The time I hiked up Ngong Hills, the many times we’ve gone on Safaris, the story when my family and I went to France but didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower, and coming soon… the time I flew across the world on my own for the first time stay tuned 😀


My favorite part of living abroad is that I get to experience so many new things with the people I meet and the places I go and when I go back home to Costa Rica or meet someone new I get to share those experiences with them.

Those are my top 3 reasons for moving abroad! Hope you guys enjoyed them 🙂 comment if you have any other reasons.



*This post is a collab by Search Jobs Abroad

Learn more about them here: https://www.searchjobsabroad.com/

2 thoughts on “Why Move Abroad?

  1. So true Adri. There is more out of ones own country to another. So much to learn and experience one wishes that everyone can have an opportunity to travel. Living in Kenya now but have also lived in Canada so i totally agree with you. Cheers


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