Groove Awards 2017!

June started off on a great note for me this year since I got to attend the 12th annual Grove Awards!!! This award show is like the Kenyan Grammys, like the Billboard Awards but for Gospel Music here in Nairobi. IT’S A BIG DEAL. 

I’m not a musician what so ever (I’m serious, I can’t sing or play an instrument to save my life) but my older sister is greatly musically gifted and she got invited to these awards along with two extra entrances, so obviously I had to go.

To be honest, the only award ceremony that I had been to was when I got named Star Student of the Week back in year 5, and we can all guess that that was totally different 😀 Plus, I had never gotten to be on a red carpet. Except if you count the red rug we have in our TV room not kidding  So getting ready for this event and arriving with all the hype was an awesome experience.

The award show in itself was awesome, the performances were really good and the acceptance speeches were sometimes funny, sometimes emotional. Getting to see the reaction on the winners’ faces made me really proud of them even if I didn’t know who they were. But thankfully one of the Gospel singers that I know, Mercy Masika, won Female Artist of the Year, so I got to be really proud and happy and loud for her 😀

I seriously can’t wait for next year’s awards. I will definitely do everything I can to get an entrance 😀 I leave you with a gallery of the pictures of that day June 1st 2017. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram at adri_mendezm for more cool picture 🙂



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