Photo Blog: Mary Mary Concert

I recently wrote about my experience in the Groove Awards 2017 and how it was my first red carpet experience… and today I want to share with you guys photos that I took in another gospel event called Praise Fest with the amazing singers Mary Mary.

This amazing duo came to give a performance here in Nairobi along with national and international singers. One of those international singers, was my amazing sister Sofi.

As I have stated before, I am not a musician what so ever and I can’t harmonize for the life of me, but one thing I am good at i think is at taking pictures. I’m not saying I’m the  best, but little by little I’ve been learning how to use my Canon T6 better and better.

One of the pros of having a singing sister is that I get backstage passes to all of these cool events and I took some amazing if i do say so myself pictures at this event. So here is a little Photo Blog on this Mary Mary concert.

Hope you like the photos!



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