Being Back in Costa Rica

Being back home is a weird feeling. Getting to see friends and family after a year and half is CRAZY
When I moved to Kenya, my school friends where about to enter their senior year. And now… they’re all in university studying all these cool things that they always dreamed of. They have different lives and different ways of thinking than they did a year and a half ago.

When I moved to Kenya, my cousins where still very young and small, now some of them are taller than me, with better fashion sense than me and one of them is in his junior year. LIKE WHAT I still see him as that little baby that I used to “look after” when I was two years old.
However, when I moved to Kenya I had a lot of friends here. I knew a lot of people, and I guess people knew who I was. Now… a year and a half later I have seen who are true friends who stick by you through thick and thin, I’ve seen who’s worth spending time with and who isn’t. And my friend count has gone dooooown a lot.
I think that always happens. When you move to a new place a lot of people are gonna text you for the first 2-3 months then they move on with their lives without you in it and they usually forget the exist.

Same happens to the person abroad, when I got to Kenya all I wanted was to come back home (Costa Rica) and be with my friends and family, but once I got adjusted to my lifestyle over there and made new friends there, I got over it.
Now that I am here I thank God for my life in Kenya, because it is very different than what it would be like if I had stayed here. Yes I am still in high school and I graduate until May while all my friend are in Uni already, but IB is a great course that I am lucky enough to take and these extra 2 years are worth it. I wouldn’t have made friends like the ones I have now (shout out to Vanessa, Khushali, Mehnaz and Lubka, you can count Louis in there as well 😂) and I wouldn’t have such amazing memories with them if I had stayed in Costa Rica.
Point of this blog is, I am really happy to be back here in Costa Rica and I love getting to spend time with the people that I care about. But to be honest, I love my life back in Kenya and I can’t wait to go back and finish the IB program even if it will kill me👩🏻‍🎓

We should all be glad to live the lives we do and have the opportunities that God has given us.




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