Is the stress really worth it?

Is dealing with IB really worth it? This is what I ask myself every day since last September.

I’m sitting here in the library’s study room, ditching my Physics lesson because I couldn’t bring myself to go to class. I truly don’t have the energy or the passion to go to that class anymore as if i ever had energy and passion for physics tbh and I thought that by coming to the library I would feel motivated to work on other big projects that I have, like my math IA and my Extended Essay.

However, I feel the TOTAL opposite



I’ve never really used my blog as a personal diary but more of a travel diary. Why not give it a try though?

IB has consumed my entire life to the extent where I have no way out of it. It’s my second and final year thankfully and I can only hope for June 9th. The day that I will be completely free of IB and done with high school #graduation

But thinking of all the things that I have to get done BEFORE that day makes me want to cry.  It makes me feel as if  I’m never actually gonna get the outcomes that I want and that I’ll actually never graduate from IB.

let’s count how many times I can say IB in this post (5 already)

I’ve gotten to that point in stress levels in which I don’t care about anything anymore and I just chill and do nothing WHEN I SHOULD ACTUALLY BE DOING A LOT

For example, on Saturday I had a whole ton of work to do. But what did Adri Mendez decide to do? She went out for coffee for 6 hours with her friends. WHAT TYPE OF IB STUDENT DOES THAT



I’m truly mentally done with school. I seriously don’t want to do this anymore. But the only thing that is motivating me is that my parents pay a lot of money for me to be in this school and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I know my dad is really looking forward to having an IB daughter and for me to go to a good university so Imma try to keep going.

Does anyone else relate!? Have you gone through something similar in school? Lets cry together in the comments shall we?


With stress,



total IB count: 7 


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