PHOTO BLOG: Grand Palace

The day  I got the chance to visit the Grand Palace was the day that my world fell apart. If you want to read about My Grand Palace Ordeal click here. If you want to see my photo journal and enjoy the amazing (iphone taken) scenery of the Grand Palace, then scroll down! Definitely comment … Continue reading PHOTO BLOG: Grand Palace

PHOTO BLOG: Bangkok Part 1

Today I want to share with you guys the wonderful i guess they are nice pictures that I took in Bangkok. Mostly because I can't post all of these to my instagram, they don't go with my theme 😀 These are mainly from our visits to Asiatique and China Town which I wrote about here! Hope … Continue reading PHOTO BLOG: Bangkok Part 1

Where to Eat in Bangkok

One of the problems with travelling as a family is that not everyone eats the same types of food. In my case, my parents and I eat pretty much everything but my sisters are more picky than us. But, to be honest with you, as a whole we are not full fans of Thai food, … Continue reading Where to Eat in Bangkok

The Grand Palace Ordeal

I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THE SADDEST STORY THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME IN MY TRAVELLING LIFE apart from getting our passports and computers robbed in Italy. I hadn't charged my camera's battery from the day before because, well, i was lazy and tired from visiting a floating market. So I decided to … Continue reading The Grand Palace Ordeal

Shopping in Bangkok

Today I'm gonna tell you about the best places to shop and spend your money in Bangkok! We each had a certain amount of money to spend here in Bangkok on clothes and necessities that we can't buy (or that are too expensive) in Kenya. By the third day I had no money left. That's … Continue reading Shopping in Bangkok

Why we chose Bangkok

If you read my last post you might know that I am visiting Bangkok right now and that it's my first time being in Asia. Since October we've been planning to leave Kenya for the holidays but we weren't sure where to go. As a family we love going out for Christmas break to spend … Continue reading Why we chose Bangkok