Expat Tips

I'm almost 18 years old and more than half my life I've lived abroad. I have loved every single moment of being an expat even if it's hard and exhausting. Today I bring to you guys my top 5 tips about being an expat and living abroad that I have used in the last few … Continue reading Expat Tips

What Moving to Kenya is Really Like

When you move to a new country how fast you adapt and how fast you feel at home will depend on where you come from, what country you are moving to, what type of people you find there and how much you like the new culture (or not like it). When my parents told me … Continue reading What Moving to Kenya is Really Like

Latin-american Stereotypes

Sofía Vergara might be one of the most hilarious and sexiest Latinas on television and Eva Longoria might be known for portraying a feisty, desperate housewife for a long time, J-lo might be the queen of Latin Pop and because of the awful Mexican telenovelas everyone outside of Latinamerica might think all Latinos are like … Continue reading Latin-american Stereotypes

Cons of Living Abroad

I previously talked about the "pros" of living abroad, now it's time for the bad stuff... Apart from the travelling you get to do and the new cultures you get to experience, moving abroad and living as an expat has it bad sides, here are my top 5 [cons] of living abroad. Homesickness HOMESICKNESS IS … Continue reading Cons of Living Abroad

Pros of Living Abroad

Today I want to share 5 of the advantages about living abroad that I have experienced because even if being an expat isn’t as easy as it looks on TV, it’s still one of the biggest opportunities I could ever get in my life. 1. You get to travel the world. First, you get the opportunity … Continue reading Pros of Living Abroad

Long Distance Friendships

When you move from country to country there are aspects in your life that other people won’t understand if they aren’t in your shoes. For me this is the aspect of friendship. You get to a new place and you HAVE to start talking to somebody, luckily that somebody will have similar likes to you. But … Continue reading Long Distance Friendships

Speaking a different Language

Personally, I’m really bad at learning languages, and this is due to the fact that my attention span is as big as a lady bug… I’m not kidding! I grew up speaking Spanish to everyone, and when we moved to Cyprus, NO ONE SPOKE SPANISH. I was six years old and the only thing I … Continue reading Speaking a different Language