Expat Tips

I'm almost 18 years old and more than half my life I've lived abroad. I have loved every single moment of being an expat even if it's hard and exhausting. Today I bring to you guys my top 5 tips about being an expat and living abroad that I have used in the last few … Continue reading Expat Tips

Moving to Africa

When my parents told me that we were moving once again out of Costa Rica I felt sooo many emotions at once, I know this is what a lot of people go through when they aren’t mentally prepared to move so here is my experience… I had been living in Costa Rica for 5 years … Continue reading Moving to Africa

Ngong Hills

Today I got to go to a place called Ngong Hills in the outskirts of Nairobi. Its part of the Great Rift Valley that comes all the way from Ethiopia and it has SUCH AN AMAZING VIEW. When I looked it up online it said that it was about 22 minutes from the city, but … Continue reading Ngong Hills