Groove Awards 2017!

June started off on a great note for me this year since I got to attend the 12th annual Grove Awards!!! This award show is like the Kenyan Grammys, like the Billboard Awards but for Gospel Music here in Nairobi. IT'S A BIG DEAL.¬† I'm not a musician what so ever (I'm serious, I can't … Continue reading Groove Awards 2017!

Expat Tips

I'm almost 18 years old and more than half my life I've lived abroad. I have loved every single moment of being an expat even if it's hard and exhausting. Today I bring to you guys my top 5 tips about being an expat and living abroad that I have used in the last few … Continue reading Expat Tips

Types of Expats

Living in different parts of the world gives you a greater look on life... and on people! I've been an expat a couple of times in my life and I've encountered different types of people who live outside of their own culture, so today lets take a look at a 5 ¬†types of expats! The … Continue reading Types of Expats

Where to Eat in Bangkok

One of the problems with travelling as a family is that not everyone eats the same types of food. In my case, my parents and I eat pretty much everything but my sisters are more picky than us. But, to be honest with you, as a whole we are not full fans of Thai food, … Continue reading Where to Eat in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok

Today I'm gonna tell you about the best places to shop and spend your money in Bangkok! We each had a certain amount of money to spend here in Bangkok on clothes and necessities that we can't buy (or that are too expensive) in Kenya. By the third day I had no money left. That's … Continue reading Shopping in Bangkok

Why we chose Bangkok

If you read my last post you might know that I am visiting Bangkok right now and that it's my first time being in Asia. Since October we've been planning to leave Kenya for the holidays but we weren't sure where to go. As a family we love going out for Christmas break to spend … Continue reading Why we chose Bangkok

I’m Back & in Bangkok!

Hello readers from the world! I cannot believe I haven't written anything on my blog since September... I'm not gonna excuse myself but I am gonna say that being in year 12 starting the IB program has made my life a little hectic. ANYWAYS TO THE FUN PART... I am on Christmas break right now … Continue reading I’m Back & in Bangkok!